Preserve Enough Silage Using Silage Wrap

Surviving in the livestock business is not easy especially for the new farmers who are looking forward to joining this lucrative venture. This is because one will be faced with many challenges and if not well prepared, it will not end well. However, although there are many challenges when it comes to keeping livestock as a business, the primary reason why many farmers fail to succeed is animal feeds shortage. It is a problem that has affected farmers for many years but not anymore with the introduction of silage wrap SA. Animal feeds shortage comes as a result of weather changes where you can never tell when the rainy season will happen so that you can prepare well. Also, you can have animal feeds shortage when you preserve animal feeds using the wrong preservation methods, and this is where the silage wrap comes in.

By the wrong animal feeds preservation methods, I mean those that are too expensive or not effective when preserving animal fodder for a long term. Talking about pricey techniques, the old hay making approach is one of the costly ones. Like you need to make the hay bales and then take them to a storage space which you might not have, or you have one but with limited space. Other methods that are less effective include silage pits. Although a silage pit can be useful if preservation is done correctly, when you open the silage ready to feed your livestock, you allow air in which can make it quickly spoil if you will be feeding your animals for a long time.

By using silage wrap, you can preserve different silage crops. However, how does this product work? Well, it is easy to understand. Once you have your silage ready for harvesting, like let’s say you want to preserve grass or wheat stalk remains, then all you need is harvest the silage and then make the round bales. With the round bundles, you can then start wrapping using the silage wrap. By wrapping, you will be ensuring protection from UV rays, water, and other elements, which means that the silage bales can be left on the farm.

The silage wrap can survive on the farm because, besides being weatherproof, it is also tear and piercing resistant which means the bales are safe on the farm and also ensures easy handling during transportation. By using silage wrap SA, you will be able to preserve enough feeds. In fact, if you have excess feeds at the time of feeding, you can sell the excess bales to other farmers and make extra money. However, to be sure of better performance, be sure to buy your silage wrap from reputable suppliers.