How to Make Quality Hay

When it comes to animal feeds preservation, haymaking is a conventional method of preserving animal feeds. Nowadays, there is always a need to store animal feeds, especially with the latest unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore, for you to prosper in your livestock farming venture, stocking up animal feeds is a must. As mentioned, haymaking and preservation is one way of ensuring that you have enough fodder for your livestock. The process of making hay is well known to many farmers, but the preservation part of it is where the whole difference comes in. How do you preserve your grass? This article will explain the best way to store feeds.

Quality hay is all about harvesting at the right time and preserving the forage appropriately to ensure that all the nutrients are retained. Therefore the ideal preservation method should be in such a way that it can protect the hay from spoilage and also keep it nutritious for a long time – possibly not less than 12 months. One way you can preserve your feeds is making the bales and then storing them in a shaded unit. However, this method is not always economical as you will need a vast space which not available all the time. If the storage location is your worry, then worry no more and consider round bale net wrap.

As other technologies evolve, agriculture is not left behind, and that is why agricultural experts have introduced net wrap. It is a special plastic packaging material that is used to wrap round hay bales. This product was developed to solve the issues of a storage unit and also to ensure that the preservation is simple and affordable. When compared to making silage bales and taking them to a storage unit, the use of net wrap proves to be more inexpensive since the product itself is affordable, and the fact that the bales can be left on the farm makes it even better.

If you are ready to take your livestock farming to a whole new level, then you need to consider round bale net wrap. This way, you can be sure of preserving more than enough feeds. If you find that you have excess bales, you can even sell them to other farmers making a profit. However, what you need to know is that not all products labelled net wrap can serve you well. Some manufacturers make substandard products and so you need to be sure that you are buying from the best supplier to be sure of the quality. To add on this, never buy a net wrap product without getting a warranty of not less than 12 months. If you are careful, you can easily get a quality net wrap for hay preservation.