Proper Maintenance Tips for Roller Doors

The garage door is a part of the house that could often get neglected, especially in homes wherein both parents are working. However, keeping the door in top shape through SouthernSuburbsRollerDoors Roller Door Repairs Adelaide and proper maintenance is necessary to ensure the safety of your property.


Do know that neglecting your roller doors can be damaging to the bolts and springs, especially during the colder months. Experts recommend several maintenance tips that will keep your garage door in excellent functioning condition throughout the year.


Check the Tracks


The tracks of your garage roller doors are a crucial component that could make or break the automation system. Make sure the tracks are always clear and free from debris. You should also ensure that the tracks are not rusting. If they are, it is best to call your SouthernSuburbsRollerDoors Roller Door Repairs Adelaide expert. Sometimes, a quick repair or professional cleaning touch can get the job done.


Get the Rollers Replaced


If your garage roller door is not moving like it usually does, call your roller door experts right away. This is especially true if the doors refuse to roll down no matter how many times you tried to close the garage.


In some cases, the rollers may need to be replaced accordingly. On the other hand, quick fixes could also be a solution. Regardless of your roller guy’s recommendations, it is always best to listen to professionals. This way, you can save yourself additional expenses in the future and the risk of leaving the doors open for strangers to get in.


Lubricate All Moving Components


Lubrication is a critical aspect of retaining the excellent condition of garage roller doors. While the average lube job should be at least twice a year, older doors may need additional grease multiple times in a year.


Without proper lubrication, the pulleys and other moving parts of your garage doors may get stuck. The last scenario you’d want to see is the doors getting stuck during the wee hours of the night. Ask your provider for advice if you’re not sure about what brand to buy for the lubrication.


Open and Close Carefully


No matter how many times homeowners have been told about this tip, some are still neglecting the importance of carefully rolling down or rolling up garage doors. It’s great if you have an automatic opening system, but if the doors work on a manual process, this tip is beneficial in extending the life of roller doors.

Keep your garage roller doors in excellent shape all year by getting expert repairs when needed!