Top 4 Eye-Catching Retaining Wall Ideas

Every one of us dreams of having a house that is not just safe and secure but also beautiful to look at. Did you know that you can beautify the exteriors of your home by adding retaining walls? RiverMurrayDredging Retaining Walls Barmera contractors will build the type of wall that will add to the overall aesthetics of your property.


Below are four of the most beautiful and eye-catching retaining wall ideas for homeowners in the Barmera area.


  1. Bricks


Bricks are a classic design for homeowners who want to integrate a “traditional” look into their homes. Your RiverMurrayDredging Retaining Walls Barmera expert will first install concrete strip footings so the brick wall will be erected in the steep part of your garden or yard.


  1. Block Walls


Block retaining walls are an excellent choice if you have a fountain in the garden. The sloping area will be the part where interlocking blocks will be installed. You can choose from a variety of sizes for you’re the blocks for a more uniform look.


Since blocks are heavy materials, it is best to leave the task to professional contractors. Some people have attempted to do the job of erecting block retaining walls but to no avail, especially without the help of experts.


  1. Gabion


Gabion retaining walls are becoming a trend in many Australian homes. Durable wire baskets will be used to hold stacks of stone together in this particular type of wall. Depending on the rocks that you will choose, your contractor can develop a design that will grab the attention of guests coming to visit.

The gabions will be tied together to ensure that soil erosion will be prevented. This option is recommended for properties with more great spaces for retaining walls since strip footings will require some space for the wall.


  1. Wood


There are specific types of lumber that will be used for wooden retaining walls. You cannot just use any kind of wood in the process. Your contractor will recommend wood types for you to choose from to ensure that your lumber retaining wall can fulfil its purpose.


Experts recommend wooden designs to homeowners who already have a lot of wood highlights in their home. For instance, this design will suit houses that have a “cabin” feel not just from the inside but also on the exteriors.


Building a retaining wall is not just for protecting the home from potential soil erosion. You can add an aesthetic function to your walls through the help of professional contractors who specialise in this construction segment.


Before meeting with your contractor, make sure to have your ideas and the blueprint of your property ready. Your provider will recommend the types of aesthetic walls that will bring life to your exteriors!