Palm Tree Cleaning Sydney Tips for Beginners – Click this Site

If you own a palm tree, you need to know the basic palm tree cleaning Sydney techniques: trimming and pruning. While it may consist of cutting and trimming fronds and leaves, there’s more to it than that. You’ll need to know when to do it and how you should do it. With that said, click this site to access some of the most relevant palm tree cleaning tips for beginners.



Reasons to Trim or Prune Your Palm Tree

Palm trees are generally trimmed for one of these three purposes: safety, health, or aesthetics.


Safety – dead leaves or broken branches can potentially fall off at any given notice. This possibility is a severe hazard to you and your house. If the branches of your palm tree obstruct your vision of the outside, it should be trimmed away. Finally, tree branches and limbs tend to grow too close to utility lines and power cables. Contact your utility company and have them handle the problem.


Aesthetics – pruning a tree will help maintain its shape and appearance. However, avoid trying to impose an unnatural size or shape of your palm tree. The amount of pruning or trimming needed could seriously damage your palm tree.


Health – you can save your dying tree by pruning away any diseased limbs and branches. Thinning the crown will enhance airflow, which can be beneficial for your palm tree. If the branches are crossing or rubber together, you should trim it right away.


General Tree tips to Palm Tree Trimming

  • Click this site to know more about expert palm tree trimming and pruning tips. It’s always best to time your palm tree during seasons where it isn’t active. The only other time is when a hazard exists.
  • Be mindful of the size of the branches that you’re planning to remove. If it’s less than five centimetres in diameter, it’s okay to remove it. If it’s in between five and 10 centimetres in diameter, we advise that you avoid cutting that branch.
  • Trim only the branches that have weak, narrow and V-shaped angles. Retain all the others.
  • Never prune young branches. Always go for thick, overgrown fronds. At the same time, do not remove the base of the leaves as they can leave nasty scars that can become entryways for diseases and pests.

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