Tips on How To Choose The Right Mens Shoes

If you think that men do not care about their shoes and that they’ll wear whatever they can find, you’re wrong. What you’re doing is that you’re implying that men don’t give as much importance to their shoes than women do. That’s stereotyping; it’s ludicrous and insulting at the same time. There are men out there who have an extensive wardrobe and can mix and match any pair of mens shoes with their collection of clothing.

The flipside is that some don’t know how to choose the right mens shoes for a particular occasion or agenda. That’s what this article will answer. Here are some general tips on how you should choose the right men’s shoes:

General Rules to Follow

  • Pick a shoe that matches the occasion or the clothing you’re wearing. If you’re having a hard time, try choosing one that’s darker than your pants or shorts.
  • Your socks don’t need to match with your shoes. Consider your socks the same as a tie. It’s an item that can bring the whole outfit together.
  • If you’re wearing a belt, match your shoes with it. Disregard if it’s multi-coloured.

Men’s Shoes for Jeans

  • You can wear any style or colour of shoe with jeans. However, avoid gleaming shoes that’s intended for fancier outfits.
  • Sneakers, boots, loafers, sandals, and lug soles all work great with jeans. So let the style of your shirt guide the way.
  • For example, a casual or sporty polo short works well with a loafer; sneakers go well with T-shirts, sandals are better paired with a contemporary style, and so on.

Mens Shoes for Casual Pants

  • Whether your call them chinos, khakis, or dockers, there are a variety of loafers out there that work with casual pants.
  • Use the style and ornamentation of the shoe guide you towards the overall look that you’re trying to achieve.
  • For instance, a buckle or tassel tips on the dressier side, while heavy stitching is a little more casual.



  • Colour Matching
  • Black shoes work well with black, grey, or navy blue pants.
  • Brown shoes are great for brown, green, beige, or other darker earth tones.
  • Tan shoes look great with blue, beige, white or other lighter earth tones.
  • Burgundy shoes work ill with lighter browns, khaki, grey, and blue pants.

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