Choosing Brushed Brass Door Handles For Your Home

Brushed Brass Door Handles are among the prettiest decorative door handle styles in the world. Brushed Brass is a prevalent type of door handle material because of its variety of uses and the ability to match virtually any interior decor. They can be classy with formal styles or match a more casual environment with more rustic, homey, or eclectic themes. The range of brushed brass door handles is immense, so you will be sure to find the perfect ones for your home. Almost any silver or bronze door handle and nearly every other antique brass door Handle and lock handle on the market today already has the classic, regal versions of an old-fashioned latch, lock and even an antique bath door lock handle attached to it.

lo&cointeriors Brushed Brass Door HandlesSome brushed brass door handles have spindle versions that have no bronze caps at all. These are the least expensive, but the effect is inferior quality, and it can be not easy to clean properly. The best-brushed brass door handles have very high-quality bronze caps on them, which give the handles a charming, polished look. It’s the only way to go if you want true antique quality.

lo&cointeriors Brushed Brass Door Handles are another excellent choice for brushed brass doors and locks. Because nickel is a very soft metal, it does not tarnish as quickly as other metals. You can also polish nickel to a shine, usually found only on the handles of antique furniture. However, do not use nickel if you plan to paint your home since it will no longer be a valuable part of your collection. For this reason, many people choose brushed nickel over other similar metals or keep the nickel-free until the need to paint arises.

It is essential to make sure that the doors in your home have the proper handles. An excellent way to tell if they have the fitting handles or not is by looking at the style of the lock itself. An excellent solid brass lock will have a “square” shaped handle. On the other hand, a brushed nickel door handle will usually be round in shape. It means that the manufacturers have designed the handles to fit in with the shape of the lock itself.

The last type of handles you are going to find for brushed brass door handles is bronze handles. Bronze handles will look great in homes that have a more modern look. They come in a variety of styles, from the more ornate to the more simple. The best thing about bronze handles is that they match the colour of just about anything, so they are safe to paint. Another advantage of bronze handles is that they are available in various finishes, allowing you to select the one that will look the best in your home. Of course, there are many different types of finishes you can select from, so it is essential to know what finish you prefer.

The final type of handle you will find for brushed brass door handles is the double cylinder cup handle. A double cylinder cup handle allows you to have two sets of open ends, one on each side. It is an excellent choice for a kitchen or pantry that opens on both sides. These handles will generally have a combination of colours available, including black and white or red and yellow. Most of the time, you can also select a gold colour to match your pantry door hardware.

If you decide to go with some of these more elaborate brushed brass handles, you will want to know what type of finishes you can expect. Some of the more common options include oil rubbed bronze, brass stain, oil rubbed copper, antique oil rubbed bronze, antique oil rubbed copper, and chrome staining. There are also brushed bronze and brushed chrome handles available for any door type, including entryway doors and windows. Then, of course, you can always choose brushed brass designs for your entire home.