Learn How to Use Electric Skateboards with These Useful Tips

So, you just bought an electric skateboard and didn’t know exactly how to use it. We know that it’s the latest version of skateboard innovation. But that doesn’t give you the reason to buy one, especially if you’re unfamiliar with it. The best tips we can recommend you is to read the manual that comes with the skateboard. However, we understand that learning how to use electric skateboards is more than just what’s stated on a piece of paper. That’s why we took upon our own hands to teach you some useful tips on how you can finally get to use your electric skateboard and show it to your friends.


Electric skateboards have been in development for a few years now. As they evolved, they became faster and more sophisticated. That’s why the first tip is to wear safety equipment. If you’re a master with the traditional skateboard, don’t treat it as the same with its electrical counterpart. You will need safety equipment to ensure you won’t end up with a serious injury on your first attempt. Invest in a quality helmet, as well as some durable shoulder, elbow, and knee pads. Yes, you will look like a complete beginner; but isn’t that the case since you’re learning a new type of skateboard?



When you have all of your protective gear, now you can focus solely on riding your electric skateboard. Learning how to use electric skateboards isn’t rocket science, to be honest. If you’ve ridden a standard skateboard before, then you already have an advantage. For beginners, we suggest trying the traditional board first before moving on to this advanced version of the skateboard. Now when it comes to riding your board, it’s all about the stance.

Your stance will dictate the balance and flow of your body as you ride your board. If you’ve tried skateboarding before, then you can try out all the standard stances. For beginners try finding a posture that you’re most comfortable with, and that doesn’t ruin your balance. Yes, you may look goofy; but trust us when we say your most comfortable stance is your best stance.



Now that you’ve got that hang with standing on your board, you’re ready to ride it. If you’re already a seasoned skateboarder, you can skip and enjoy your ride. For beginners, you should get familiar with the stopping and starting motion of your board. With motorised skateboards, you don’t have to push anymore to gain momentum.


You’ll be able to control the speed of your board using an on-hand controller. Familiarise the controls and using your stance, try riding the board. With more practice, you’ll be able to know how to use electric skateboards. Have fun!