Chainsaw Chain Sharpener – How to Use It Properly

An AdelaideTools chainsaw chain sharpener is an essential tool. This is because it can save the life of your chainsaw, but it should be used with the utmost care. If you do not use it properly, it can also destroy your chainsaw.

An AdelaideTools chainsaw chain sharpener is used to cut down on the amount of blade work that needs to be done. The tool can be used to shape the grooves in the chainsaw teeth. These grooves are crucial for cutting wood as well as smaller items. Therefore, it is best to shape them before they get damaged or eroded.

chainsaw chain sharpenerWhen shaping the sharp teeth, it is essential to wear gloves and safety glasses. This is because there is a risk of getting cut when working with the tool. It is also necessary to apply the blade correctly to get the best results. This means that you need to use a sharpening compound, and also keep it rotating at a decent speed. If you take your time and move the blade a little at a time, it will give you smooth cuts that are free from any rough edges.

You need to use the right compound to get a great result. The best ones are those made from graphite and carbon. This is because these compounds are both abrasive and wear-resistant. These are the two qualities that are necessary if you want to sharpen your chainsaw without damaging it.

It is essential to keep the compound in the right place. It means that you need to ensure that it is evenly distributed. It is also essential to keep it rotating at a fast pace. There are instances where the compound gets stuck in the chain, and it slows down the rotation of the blade. This can seriously damage the chainsaw. Most of the compound is placed at a low-pressure setting. This means that you can press the tool down into the grooves, without damaging the chain. The strength of the compound must be enough to hold the shape, without any problems.

To make sure that the compound can withstand the amount of pressure that is applied, you need to maintain it in a place that does not get too much pressure applied to it. If you have this type of situation, then you should put the compound in a location where it can be rotated. Otherwise, it can be ruined.

In conclusion, it is always better to buy a sharpener that will last long but is still needed for all the functions that you need it for. That way, you will not need to replace it too often, and you will also get the maximum amount of usage out of your AdelaideTools chainsaw chain sharpener.