There are so many Christian podcasts available today. You can choose from beautifully enough, Ask Pastor John, or Duck Dynasty, to name a few. But if you are a TV and movie lover, you can find plenty of content in Christian podcasts. Listed below are five of the best podcasts for Christians today. Listen to one or all of them and see which one speaks to you the most.

Beautifully Enough

Word of GodIf you’re looking for a Christian podcast that’s not only inspiring but also provides relevant content, you can find it on the Beautifully Enough website. The podcast has over three million downloads, and you can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. The podcast hosts are Christian writer, speaker, and blogger Chrystal Evans Hurst. Listeners will find episodes on various topics, including body image, backsliding faith, and relationships.

Ask Pastor John

If you’re a fan of Christian podcasts, you’ll enjoy Ask Pastor John. Known for his engaging and insightful interviews with the leaders of churches worldwide, Ask Pastor John is a great way to learn more about theology. Many of the episodes are available on Faithplay. In addition to the podcast’s content, it features interviews with influential people, including John Piper. If you’re looking for an hour-long podcast, you’ll find many different options at Faithplay.


Despite the enduring popularity of the VeggieTales cartoon series, it isn’t hard to find a Christian podcast. Phil Vischer, the creator of the VeggieTales Christian podcast, also hosts the Holy Post, a show about politics and Christianity. This podcast explores Vischer’s personal views on Christianity and politics. In this episode, he explores what it means to be an evangelical Christian in the Trump era.

Duck Dynasty

If you love the television show “Duck Dynasty” but are not so sure about the Christian content, you should check out the Ducks Dynasty Christian podcast. This podcast is hosted by Phil Robertson, the man behind Duck Dynasty. He also hosts television shows rooted in his faith, such as the popular show “Unashamed.” Unashamed is a weekly video podcast on Google Play, Apple Podcast, and BlazeTV.

5 Minutes in Church History

5 Minutes in Church History is a daily Christian podcast featuring stories that shaped the church’s history. This podcast, hosted by Dr Daniel van Voorhis, highlights key moments in church history. Each episode is concluded with poetry or prose to encourage listeners. These brief but meaningful lessons equip the saints for today and tomorrow. Listeners are encouraged to learn more about Christian history while having fun at the same time.

Apologia Radio

There are many Word of God Christian podcasts out there, but Apologia is my favourite. This Christian podcast is both funny and informative. Founder Trent Horne recently made a video that engaged listeners with his sermon. It’s not a severe podcast, but it does help you stay on track with your faith. It’s an excellent choice to learn more about Apologia and its mission. It’s easy for anyone who wants to learn more about Apologetics, but it’s a bit dated and witty.

Christ the Center

The Christ, the Center podcast is an excellent place to listen if you’re interested in Christian theology. Its knowledgeable panellists discuss controversial topics and challenge listeners to think critically. Its goal is to foster critical thinking and godly living by helping listeners understand the doctrine and history of Christianity. Many broadcasts are sermons by R.C. Sproul, and numerous episodes are devoted to his book Simply Put. These podcasts are a great way to build your Christian vocabulary and deepen your faith.

You should check out Christian podcasts to hear the gospel from a contemporary perspective. There are so many different types, but here are the ones that we recommend:

The Risen Motherhood podcast is a great way to learn about parenting and how to build your faith. You can also listen to Legacy Dads. This podcast focuses on the issues that face Christian dads today. It also features stories of Jesus that will encourage your kids to grow in their faith. It is recommended that you subscribe to both podcasts. They both offer a wealth of information. You can find the one right for you by clicking the link below.