What Is Covered In Building Inspections Melbourne?

If you plan to construct any building in Melbourne, whether home or office, it is necessary to ensure that you have the building inspections Melbourne performed. These are essential for several reasons. For example, these inspections help ensure that there are no defects in the structure, which would be very difficult to detect without the assistance of an expert. Apart from this, building inspections are a requirement under the Australian Building Registration Act 1992 which requires all new constructions and renovations to be inspected by a qualified Building Inspector.


In the Australian building inspections Melbourne, the term ‘Building Inspector’ is used, while ‘Pest Inspectors’ or ‘Flood Underwater Inspectors’ are used in other countries. It is necessary to get the name correct to comply with the legislation. All inspectors are employed by either the government of a State or by private companies undertaking business for personal profit. While government inspectors are appointed directly by the government of that State, private companies nominate members of the governing council, including the Chair and other members. The names of the inspectors usually end in ‘Inspector’, and the terms of the states vary, with each state having its Board of Approval and Registration of Inspectors.


The term ‘Building Inspector’ is often used with ‘Pest Inspectors’ or ‘Flood Underwater Inspectors’. Although, the time ‘Building Inspector’ is often used interchangeably with ‘Flood Underwater Inspector’ or ‘Building Enthusiast’ or sometimes ‘Building Surveyor’. There are many professional associations in Australia that provide training, seminars and continuing education for building inspectors. If you wish to become a building inspector, you must complete a 2-day course given by a body approved by the Building Registration Office (BOR).


The first course offered by BOR is Introduction to Building Inspections Melbourne. This is a two-day course on the basics of building inspections. The second course, entitled Pre-purchase Building Inspections, is normally given by an independent professional pest controller. The course covers issues like identifying problems with defects; how to deal with them; the requirement for hazard analysis, construction analysis, moisture testing, and testing for toxic substances.


The pre-purchase building inspections Melbourne offers include an examination of basic electrical systems, water systems, gas systems, heating and cooling systems, ventilation, insulation, soundproofing, and new home building safety arrangements. It also covers water safety issues, including stormwater runoff, water storage tanks and pipes, water safety devices, and stormwater disposal. Its comprehensive understanding and experience of the pre-purchase construction market can provide a complete service covering all aspects of new home building construction and related components.