Noble Reasons for you To Start Recycling Plastic

One of the most important inventions by man is plastic material. Since we started using plastics, life has become a lot more convenient in so many ways. It is versatile, long-lasting, and light to carry around. It is no wonder why millions of companies rely on plastic for different purposes, while consumers cannot live without it.


But as you probably already know, the prevalence of plastic in the world has unfortunately contributed to tons of waste material. Since it is a material that does not quickly degrade or decompose, it becomes a waste product for all intents and purposes for centuries to come. More than half of what is found in landfills all over the world is plastic. Knowing that should be enough for you to consider the concept of recycling the material seriously.



In Australia, several companies and organisations like Thorntons Bottle Recycling Adelaide make a living out of recycling plastic products, including bottles. There is a sense in doing it because plastic can be utilised for different purposes once people start throwing them away in garbage and trash bins. You may not feel the need to start embracing the concept of recycling now but understanding what it can do to the planet and the future generation; then you might want to change your mind.


1 – Majority of solid waste is made up of plastic.


Massive amounts of plastic are disposed of and classified as solid waste. The reality is that about 40 million tons of plastic materials are disposed of each year. It is an alarming and disturbing number, especially if you realise that it is filling up landfill spaces all over the world. Hundreds of tons of it are finding its way to the seas and oceans, wreaking havoc to marine life.



2 – Recycling plastic makes sense because it takes centuries for it to break down.


Another chilling fact that will motivate you to start thinking about recycling plastic is that it takes about 500 years for it to degrade and incorporate back into the environment. So, if you decide to send your plastic stuff to companies like Thorntons Bottle Recycling Adelaide, you are helping the planet survive because instead of contributing to waste, you are allowing your plastic waste to be processed into useful products for others to use.


3 – Plastic pollution is becoming an alarming issue each day.


Finally, there is pollution wherever there is plastic in landfills. But the thing is it is not only the places near landfills that experience the consequences. As mentioned earlier, plastic waste is finding its way to the surface of the oceans. It is heartbreaking to see social media photos of marine animals dying after getting trapped in plastic bottles, straws, cellophane, and other materials. If you want your kids and grandkids to see how beautiful the seas and oceans are, you better start getting your act together by embracing the concept of recycling.


Use this link if you want some help on how you can start.