Home Recycling Ideas for Responsible Citizens

Waste has been a global problem for centuries. Many countries have yet to resolve the increasing waste issues that they face year after year. While governments are expected to solve such problems, it is the responsibility of every citizen to contribute to efforts in reducing national waste.


As an individual, you can do so much for your country in terms of reducing plastic bottles and other materials that could further endanger the earth and its inhabitants. Developments in recycling have opened opportunities for advocates to develop simple ways through which homeowners can help in world’s waste reduction.


Reuse Straws and Bottles


If you already have bottles and straws at home, don’t throw them out after a party! Wash them and reuse them instead of purchasing another batch and throwing them all out. This strategy applies to plastic bags. Before stepping out to shop, get the plastic bags from your previous shopping spree so you can use them again.


For torn or damaged plastics that can no longer be reused, it is best to store them up nice and dry in the garage. When you have a whole bunch stacked up, bring the trash plastics to trusted South Australia rubbish dumps where these plastics will be recycled for other uses.


Plastic Art


Over the last decades, many countries have adopted the method of transforming plastics into a form of art. Whether it’s for home décor or construction purposes, plastics can be turned into an artwork.



Conservation photographer Benjamin Von Wong exemplified plastic art. He used 10,000 plastic bottles to create photographs featuring a mermaid caught up in the massive plastic pollution that humans made. The gallery has since gone viral on social media and Von Wong’s photo with a mermaid drowned in plastics has been shared millions of times.


Old Paper Art


Aside from plastics, you can also turn old newspapers and boxes into pieces of art. If your kids have a conservation project focused on using paper as the primary material for artworks, use old newspapers instead of buying new ones. This strategy will help you save a few bucks. After the project has been graded, you can then compile all the waste and send them to South Australia rubbish dumps where these can be turned into new notebooks or pad papers.


Rubbish dumps take in just about anything that you think can no longer be used. You can send old metals, wires, glass, plastic furniture, and everything else with damage or items that can no longer be remedied. They even accept defective electronics so you won’t have to dump bulky equipment outside or in the garage.


One person can do something, but if an entire community unites to reduce national waste, a lot can be achieved to protect what’s left of the world, we will leave to the next generation.