How to Properly Use a Photocopier

A photocopier is one of the most critical pieces of equipment that businesses use regularly. It’s where they get copies of the necessary documents and paperwork. It’s where they print out multiple copies of rules and guidelines that they can then give to their employees. It’s also where they can mass produce invitations to their upcoming convention program. These are some of the uses of a photocopier on a daily basis.


That’s why it’s essential that everyone knows how to use a photocopier. It’s crucial that you know how your office photocopy machine works since most of the time there will be no operator to help you with your photocopying. Here is a quick tutorial to help you effectively make photocopies Ballarat in less than two minutes.



Step 1: Turn the Photocopier On


The very first step you require to do before you can make copies of your docs is to make sure the photocopying machine is turned on. Make sure that it’s plugged to a nearby outlet. Check for other plugs. Once all is in place, you can then proceed to turn the machine on by pressing the power button. Most of the time it is located at the top, while in some cases it’s located on the sides. Keep in mind that when you’ve already turned a photocopy machine on and it’s still not responding, it might be in “sleep” mode. To turn it back on, press the “copy” button.


Step 2: Position Your Document onthe Copier.


The next step is to place the document onto the copier. To do this, slightly lift the cover and position your paper onto the glass surface where the magic will happen. Make sure you place your material using the guide marks. You will be able to spot these guide marks the moment you lift your cover. After you’ve correctly positioned your document, you can then close the copier cover and commence your photocopying.


Step 3: Select the Number of Copies


Photocopies BallaratThe next step is to select the number of copies that you’re going to produce. Make sure your cartridge has an adequate amount of paper so that you can ensure a continuous flow of photocopies Ballarat. Some versions feature a plus and minus key where you can press to achieve the ideal amount of copies you need. There are also some copies that feature numeric keys for comfortable and convenient input of your desired number.


Step 4: Press Copy


After setting up everything, press the “copy” button and voila! You now have a dozen sets of photocopies Ballarat. Congratulations! You now know how to use your photocopy machine properly. If any errors or complications occur, you can call your local photocopiers repair and assembly firm.