The Three General Types of Cordless Drill

If you plan to buy a cordless drill for home use, then you’re in for a treat since there are numerous options to choose from, with each variety offering unique features and drilling capacity. You should know that the decision to buy a cordless drill is a smart one; you will eventually realise that it is an essential power tool to have. It is versatile enough to take on different home improvement as well as repair projects. You can rely on it for small tasks as well as major building projects.

Since you are looking at a cordless drill, the first thing you must look for is one that runs on lithium-ion batteries, and do not settle for anything less. There are two reasons why you must only consider a cordless drill with Li-ion battery; the first one being the fact that it offers more power than other alternatives, and secondly, they possess long running times. With regards to brand, the most preferred and reliable brands of cordless drills in Australia include that of Milwaukee, Bosch, DeWalt, and Makita. However, before you choose which brand to buy, you must first learn the different types.

Cordless drills for residential applications fall into three types: heavy-duty, general use, and light duty. Let us talk about the attributes of the three, and then you figure out on your own which one best fits your needs for a cordless drill.

1 – Heavy-Duty Cordless Drill

A cordless drill labelled as “heavy-duty” is something you expect to do most if not all your drill tasks. They usually come with 18 to 24-volt batteries, which in turn give them the most power for driving large fasteners as well as boring holes in thick boards. A heavy-duty cordless drill comes with ½-inch chucks, and you expect them to be compatible with any drill bit, including those you want to use for drilling in concrete blocks and bricks. Of course, the added power and heavy-duty capabilities suggest that it is also the priciest in the group.

2 – General Use Cordless Drill

If you are not the hardcore do-it-yourself enthusiast, then you are more than happy to go with a general use type of cordless drill. It usually comes with a 12-volt battery that is more than enough to bore holes in wood without issues and can drive screws on a single charge. It is the perfect cordless drill variety for mundane home improvement tasks.

3 – Light Duty Cordless Drill

The likes of Milwaukee, Bosch, DeWalt, and Makita sell a lot of light duty cordless drills because they are well-liked by homeowners who need a reliable companion for small jobs like changing a light fixture, quick drywall drilling, and assembling furniture. You can purchase a light duty drill with a 20-volt battery and enjoy extended periods of use without issues of power.