The Benefits of Adding Protection to your Gutters

As fall arrives, the leaves on the trees surrounding your house and property will start falling off, and usually, they come with twigs and small branches too. While you like the cool breeze of the new season, it also is a sign that your gutters are in for a challenge. You see, when the gutter system does not have any protection, those falling leaves along with other debris will eventually result in a clog. You do not want to have clogged gutters since it will prevent rainwater from flowing smoothly. When there is standing water on top of your roof, it could result in severe problems like basement flooding and leaks.


So, if you reside in a neighbourhood where there are a lot of trees, you should consider installing a gutter mesh or guard. They are the perfect solution for your gutter system when it comes to the cost-effective prevention of clogging. The truth is there is no reason not to install gutter protection since it won’t cost you that much.


In the installation of a gutter mesh, you prevent the following from happening:


  • Basement flooding
  • Roof Leaks
  • Exterior wall damage
  • Damage to insulation
  • Foundation staining
  • Gutter damage
  • Flower bed erosion
  • Landscaping problems
  • Mosquito infestation



It is every homeowner’s responsibility to keep the house protected against anything that will threaten its structural integrity. So, if you are willing to pay for expensive roof repairs and insulation upgrades, you shouldn’t turn your back on gutter protection, especially if you consider the fact that it won’t cost you the same amount of money as roofing repair or other home improvement projects.


If you do not invest in gutter protection, it will eventually lead to a costly repair once the clog takes its toll on your roof. You probably do not know it, but when the gutters get clogged continuously, and you do nothing about it, the damage may affect your entire roofing system.


The truth is there is no reason not to install protection for your gutter system. Some homeowners do not like the idea, thinking that it will ruin the appearance of their home’s exterior. What they do not know is that modern gutter guards and mesh have seamless designs, which means they no longer are those that look bulky and unattractive. The seamless concept means that they won’t be visible from the ground.


But in purchasing gutter mesh or any other type of protection for your gutters, be sure you choose one with high-quality material construction since not all you see in stores can withstand the pressure brought by outside elements, including the heat of the sun, strong winds, and heavy rain. You do not want to buy a substandard quality, only to be forced to replace it after just a few months.