Why Hire a Pro for Home Staging?

Selling your home is not as simple and straightforward as you think it is; there are several things you must factor in, including the job of staging it, so that prospective homebuyers will see it fit for them to buy. While some first-time home sellers believe they can do home staging Melbourne on their own, there are reasonable arguments why you should hire a professional. Contracting a professional staging company to assist you all the way is one of the most significant investments that you can do regarding selling your home. Below are the five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional.


Home stagers are knowledgeable with current design trends – A type of home with a modern appeal and clean design carries an automatic advantage over other competitions. It is proven and tested that stage homes sell twice as fast as un-staged homes and seldom receives more money than the selling price. A home staging professional is knowledgeable with the latest trends and styles such as paint colour and use of space and décor. Also, they typically own a warehouse which is full of furniture and decorations they can use in your home while still on sale.



Professional home stagers do not engage their feelings – a home staging Melbourne pro is an unbiased third party who sees your home from the buyer’s perspective instead on its own and is not emotionally attached to your things. They can recommend simple upgrades around the house and design improvements that can drastically change the aesthetics of your home in a good way.


Your realtor can be responsible for the task of finding a buyer – your realtors’ job is to market your home and search for a buyer for you. Hiring an expert staging service can help maintain your good relationship with your realtor as they might not be comfortable making décor recommendations. Leaving the overall look of your home to your realtor may be detrimental to your one purpose – to sell your home. You may end up taking all the realtor’s suggestions, even though you may not agree. It is best to leave the realtor to the job of selling your home – why you signed him or her up in the first place!


A staged home looks better on camera – Most of the buyers ask facts about your home including clear photographs. Therefore, having a well-staged home is crucial if you want it to look fantastically appealing in pictures. While the rest of the house down the street seems unattractive and messy, your home will stand out amongst all.


If you want to get your asking price, or more – there is proof that well-staged homes are way faster to sell. Know that the longer your home stays on the market, the less chance you will get your asking price. You might lower the cost for someone to purchase it. A staged home is a ready-to-sell home and worthy of initial investment before putting it on the market.